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VevoCart Community is the FREE Responsive Shopping Cart & eCommerce Software which is written in ASP.NET C#
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5 January 2014

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This is a shopping cart solution for ecommerce.

This is a solution for implementing shopping cart in different versions. VevoCart Deluxe & VevoCart Multi-store versions helps implement a web store solution. There’s a community version that is available free. This helps implement web store solutions even for inexperienced users. Experienced users too would be able to set up stores quickly and easily. The solution is able to provide unlimited number of products in unlimited number of categories. The store front could be set up quite easily and nicely. The tool offers a complete set of ecommerce features. The checkout process is optimized so that shopping cart abandonment is minimized. The payment methods are completely integrated and are PA-DSS certified and secure. The product comes with complete ASP.NET and C# code is included to make integration easy. If you needed to extend any functionality, that also gets to be easier.

The tool is flexible. You can set it up easily through templates provided. Customization options are quite wide. You could turn features on/off for your exact needs. For configuring the store settings no specific expertise is called for, no programming knowledge is required either. The shop front you create can be integrated with eBay as well as the Facebook. Even if you start with the community version, the upgrade to Deluxe or the multistore versions is straight forward. The store front looks professional, looks quite well organized too. The menu for navigating the store is simple & direct and users should not have any difficulty going around the shop. This is a very good product and worth a trial if you are planning to set up shop.

Publisher's description

From the reliable, powerful and Responsive VevoCart Premium & VevoCart Multi-vendor versions that gain trusts from customers worldwide, to the Community version which is now completely free for everyone.
Whether an inexperienced merchant who just starts a first store or an experienced developer who is seeking for a robust, secured e-commerce solution. VevoCart Community includes all essential e-Commerce & shopping cart features to get started online businesses.
- Completed e-Commerce features
- Responsive Design
- No limitation - Unlimited products & categories
- Optimized Checkout Process
- PA-DSS Certified - Totally secured
- ASP.NET C# source code Included
- Community support
- Completely free
As same as VevoCart Premium & Multi-vendor versions, VevoCart Community is PA-DSS certified and totally secured. Also, it's based on the same architecture which is scalable to support unlimited number of products & categories . There is no limitation, no expiration and no registration required.
Storefront is designed to be fast-loading, user-friendly and template driven. Store owners are able to turn features on/off, able to configure store settings without programming knowledge.
VevoCart community is flexible and extensible. The ASP.NET C# source code is included for customization, behavior modification and adding extensions. For helps, questions, suggestions, sharing and all others, VevoCart community forum is where VevoCart Team & VevoCart users around the world get connected.
For more advanced e-commerce features such as Facebook commerce, eBay Integration, Point System, it's upgradable to VevoCart Premium version. Also, it's possible to run Multi-vendor marketplace with VevoCart Multi-vendor edition.
Version 6.2
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